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In between Porcelain Angels (Pluto Records 2002)

   Cutting edge split recording with blistering group of Metalcore leads pointer As I Lay Dying leaves the entire force of burning ashtray over materials written by the other lesser known group – original American Tragedy crew consisting of Tim Syler on vocals, Jon Greene and Ryan Douglass on guitar shredding as well as Justin Greene on drums or Todd Shields on bass mixing some harmony vocals to the brute clashing sounds of colliding hard beats Hardcore and Metalcore screaming acquired but not available for public but here on this only six tracks package one shall witnessing the beginning of short fast slicing duration of 01:13 followed by Choking on a Dream, World Intruded or Spite and Splinter breaks everything on sight as the self-titled mini album cuts your attractive intention like a scissor and replacing them with hatred and pain just like the inner lyrics boosting out explosively, dangerous to be called safety pins by critics. 

Mastered by Nolan Brett. 

American Tragedy: