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I Need Money (Interscope Records 1991)

   Energetic, hotter to be called just sensual but as well friendly to hear is the project forming by the ex-NKOTB little brother turning rapper and Hip-Hop artists with his collective friends as family towards this Marky Mark & The Funky Bunch as an American transformation presence of the New Jack Swing type beats and movements in sounds representing Worchester and Massachusetts entirely, within consistency of Mark Wahlberg’s Hip-Hop fusion led group for Hector Barros The Inspector, Terry Yancey alias DJ-T onto Scott Ross/Scottie Gee, Anthony Thomas or Ashey Ace and the sexual vibes of female background vocals digging deeper to your interesting activities over the free-thinking of the nineties as girls are easy going but tough and boys don’t just like to play rough but also variety and this music lean on those whom love to do partying things, street dance and more social relationship temporary events here or there or wherever around your neighborhood for body building too. 

   Music For The People would be a good choice presenting the first and foremost debut album taste off anyone whom wanted to lick this Electronic House-Breaks and Hip-Hop popularity through the intercourse-tinged feelings captured within Good Vibrations, Wildside, Bout Time I Funk You, Peace to o What Chu Saying, On The House Tip to the intimacy dirty ideas wraps over Make Me Say Ooh! which gonna reminding us about the beginning of how Maurice Starr failure to launch further of his talented young blacks on New Edition but payable there years later by the mixing of white and colored kids rappin’ unites. 

Music For The People: