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Humidity Typical (Bandcamp 2002)

   Don’t thinking that you being dragged into a Mardi Gras parade while seeing the figure of strangeness wearing his lobster mask and playing weirdy Folk-tipped inspires not like Bob Dylan or Paul Simon music more like flowerhead sea satan-coustic plus Folk-Pop crispy voice for retarded Classic Rock fans and becoming the alternative for himself existence around inner experiments and experience of rights to serving only the odd sections of his cornerstone sounds as equal as swell drums invention or three guitars sharing over rhythm and melodies as the story goes matching the drone guitar-riffs and ruder licks to be considered in favor of twelve counts with the performance from VonHummer retiring age contract music-stand for the vocals, high drone bass guitars and drums while production manage by Clark Kent as well as the innovative cover design on these Portland, Oregon project.

   Leftoverwhelming session record disclosure on free downloads and songs play via Time to Discover, Some Woman in Love, …And Shinola, Still Not Lonely Enough, We Don’t Mean It as well as Prove That Child and Crunchy Lil’ Numbers led us to the end of sexual body sucking over Karmalita – the imaginary female whose making the music man mad like the front cover pictures shown.