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Hallway Mountain (Mantra Recordings Ltd. 1999)

   Carmarthen formed of Folk and Psychedelic band both writing the lyrics of their own songs in English and Welsh completed to let your hear the listenable taste tunes for this weird Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci mending the stressful thoughts over the big city’s pollution, traffic jams and liars surround yours as rural area atmosphere builds by the formation composers and musicians: Euros Childs, John Lawrence, Osian Evans to Peter Alan Richardson and Rhodri Puw or Sion Lane to Steffan Craves blending pure Pop and Progressive Rock over Post-Brit-Welsh coalition sounds for the end of days of the nineties via Indie Music of Spanish Dance Troupe displaying the guitar bridging, dog-head female dancing onto colorful umbrella hat and track-listed of slow, sweet, mysterious and tangled musical-myth mixes for She Lives On A Mountain, Poodle Rockin’, Drws, Over & Out, Don’t You Worry, Faraway Eyes, The Fool, Murder Ballad, Christmas Eve and The Humming Song shall drifting your thoughts and imaginations flying high and low passing thus greenish fields and misty hills as arriving in front of the gate dimension to better land dreaming; fells like you don’t want to wake up. 

Spanish Dance Troupe: