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Freight Train (Independent 2012)

   Detmold, Germany brings their groovy acts over the formation band member like the locals: Till (guitar, vocals), Jones on guitars, Tobyos (bass guitar) and Theo behind the drums as Sludge Metal rocking your stereo system even if it’s only about the crusher of rocket launching to the outer space as Alligator Rodeo means commencing for total destructive record releasing via Ghost In The Machine and your dilated body begins to infected and transforming onto three bullets in the head by three songs and attempts and existence worthwhile within thus Stoner or Doom Metal and the bursts of living alienated creature through your face as grooves and forfeit clan in the beginning five minutes and fifty-one second clashing of heaviest musical instruments as well as the absurd vocals of heating out the five minutes to twenty seconds through the short title of Ogun means correctly, served well within the mini album display.
Blasting drums and total demise digital results may reminding you for the Germanic tribe collective in metallic/rock fusion from North Rhine-Westphalia.

Ghost In The Machine: