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Fragile (Columbia/Epic 1992)

   Good looking and long hair wavy brownish appearance of the most loving figure of Pop-Rock sensations slowly turns star-dome especially, in asia regions was the ultimate remarkable achievement for this Australian singer and song-writer following the best buy figure like Richard Marx did before but the nineties would be a rough journey beginning earlier for the original sweet rock sounds over the distorted Grunge and Alternative Rock invasions on the world charts. 

Rick Price making his appearance with simple slower and semi-acoustic debut album without too much pretenders but romance, life-stories and memory compulsions to barely blended onto the lyrics and catchy tunes to hear by the audience – mostly, young girls and adult women would screaming or melting by his audition spots shows. 

   Cool voice, handsome with standard but high-pitched beautiful voice of a male attraction sooner leads this Heaven Knows (not only the superb radio hit single under the same title) but the entire record number one did gain most of the chart winning and awarded platinum around the region of Asia/Pacific/Oceania as we would sing along to these Soft-Rock tunes like Not A Day Goes by, What’s Wrong with That Girl, Church on Fire, Walk Away Renee onto A House Divided or Forever Me and You; commence the diamond sparks for the guy with his acoustic guitar and other multi-instrumental talents goes international and got him the fame of shorter moments in life. 

Heaven Knows: