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Flux Feelings (Independent 2017)

Corner spots figurine featured there over the late gloomy afternoon of autumn gone for the loner to listening ears playing there the Alternative Emo-Shoegaze Indie from Tuscon territory as Justin did his mixed, recorded and mastered over this compositions did pretty much depressive but beautiful well from Angeline Fahey (guitars, vocals), Deandra Binder (keys, vocals) and Justin Tomberg (drums, bass) as Cool Funeral (band) singing their tunes of sadder to heart-broken throbs tales listed here in such a harmonic slow or mid-tempo but did penetrates those people whom also having quite same feelings like they do while writing the materials of the self-titled mini records. 

Thai Tea & Ecstasy, Je’M’en Fous or Scars and Strange Rain can causing degradation of mental loss for some weak personality in tears weeping hard and turning around and around to be lost by the circle of black gate darkness named suicidal but for those whom love to finding more literature lyrics entrapment tricks will also collecting this rows because it has something you might not hearing since the late last nineties end.

Cool Funeral: