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Feeder Bottom (Not On Label 2015)

   The Tiki Creeps comprising on Henry Kelly (bass guitar), Russell McCabe (guitar/baritone guitar), Robert Wood (drums/percussion), Chris Penketh (lead guitars) and their unique horrific kinds of as Surf Rock plus Garage Rock instrumentals crossing the Alternative borders music leads the Los Angeles’ Idol Worship recording relates for the taste of leopard skins and naked women dancing in front of  the bonfire like pacific tribal rituals on atomic eco-pack stage bursts in between melodic six-strings and noises like angry gods coming down to this planet and put their Rock N’ Roll wrath down distorted and fully rhythmic beats for everyone on the beach and seaside to following dance altogether like crazy party-goers under the dark tropical skies surrounding them. 

   Seven tracks and attacks of oceanic made of Hawaiian to other pacific places felt the same rhythms within the ejaculates of playing to loud about Blue Mist (of Bora Bora), Curse of Kona to (009) Dick Tiki bratting the excellent tunes up and swearing swirls for the roundabout jerkies and more drinks free living on everyone to keep on tracking the disc until Ride Creeps Ride! Blown the last live version song entitled Frankenstomp which will be thrown the band’s simple horror-themed choirs mixing for thus endless elvis' ghost forcing people to never stop having fun and nude for more drinks and sins there. 

Idol Worship: