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Exuberance Beauty (Ab Records 2017)

   Stepping for the quiet tip-toeing moves following the harmonic falsetto for a weirder strings of synth devotions and darker Freak-Folk tunes in Pop non-general music written for the not targeting ears from uncommon people but those whom already born with imperfect looks or always being bullied by troubles caused of the worldwide perfections. 

   Bikini black wears by female figure and white pale roots swirling close onto the covers of the face by dark hair symbolized enough messages continues to bring by this recording album artists solo project by the name of Fun Fun Funeral and the limited edition of five tracks release upon the Chin Up ! of Lyon – France off the harmonies chilling vocals as forming musical project might showing the continuity writing mixtures from all instruments played by Fun Fun Funeral except cello and double bass by Emilio and Johan Dargel as Guillaume Toullec mastering this odd sounding music for your oddity catalog too. Lost Love Squad (01:59), Carnage (02:55) and Hello Mourning enclosed the show in three minutes to twelve seconds not just plunged the silly face of the artists wearing his cap but you may still think that all the thanks and the loves for his friends is too sincere because they’re not even care a lot about him. 

Chin Up: