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Evening Wolf (Pluto Records 2016)

   Performed by The Bearer as mysterious and lesser known to the modern world of Heavy Metal because this extremist unit or more personal performance is actually, the formatting session off local metal-heads consisting for Colton on vocals/drums, Jeff on bass guitar and Michael for vocals/guitar as Hardcore as the love of blasting extreme groovy musical performance being held to the greatness of metallic Sludge Hardcore and Extreme Metal Austin's injected creation goes diminishing wild through the band-trio outstanding moments via this self-titled extended play album fierce and occult to its symbols to see.

   Faster, bone-breakers and total annihilation based of Southern Sludge and New School Hardcore rhythmic boosts along with chords of anthem coming onto the form of War Thirst, Blood Mouth, Neither Fire Nor Iron and Into Battle.

And you will be broken for listening this one !

The Bearer: