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Etudes Ocarina (Not On Label 2012)

   Beautiful holder on some of the music copyrighted for the works finest of himself through becoming television, movie and video games composer wishing that hopefully, there’s something that you like from seeing inside his Journey Music Bundle compilation musical recording as Austin Wintory of Los Angeles also used this opportunity to help the non-profit education through music or as some of you may finding the gladly interesting sounds of instrumentals and more gains music magic being recorded for the orchestral soundtrack, concert music; film music to video gaming and Electronic-touch liberation while ears being spoiled by these amazing harmonies and smaller peace of heaven cake in form of sounds and the running red bird with its longest tail looks awesome just like the important messages took with by drags there among the silent acoustic-guitar play to the written compositions of eleven as like as Threshold – Soloists Only, Journey / Tina Alloy, Viaje, Reflections to A Musical Journey and Flow Meditations over Woven Variations comes and go within either eight minutes and more as three minutes less and even two minutes and seventeen seconds ticklish tracks for soft listen demo moments while your brain asking sometimes; what lies behind thus greenish clouds and stage & screen Classical spiritual of eastern-tinged traditional music gifted to us by Mr. Wintory really all about. 

Journey Bonus Bundle: