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Embassies Regional Board (Max Barry 2002)

   There’s boredom lively drifting the air today for average conflicts and dull news about the daily but when one found out the new horizon of simulator gaming of government and where you might found that you can build your own country, nations and empires or even just a private island state of independent as the advertising won’t spoil how awesome and exciting that this creation of writer Max Barry’s given premium influences towards the formats, the questionnaire of political, economy, intention of beliefs and even letting you to pick your own currency, national animal and territories or flag by simply answers some few question. 
Once a nation been established, registering players would finding themselves on a different realm while some countries naming in reality but most of other thousands would making your geographic knowledge dizzy, confusing and bit insane but no fear cause this is the best parts cause one can becomes what they wanted to be not seeing the rearview mirror world but go forward and let your finger and brain do the ideas and type/talk about what you truly believes as a leader of your country and how to make it – either frightening, rare, conservative or purely, under total monarchy while the folklore or the high technology might impacting the good creative heads for spawning more silly, extra-ordinary and colossal dictatorship or even peaceful land among the vast cease and desist in between controls by World Assembly but not everyone agrees about one world after all. 
   Application programs of detecting the ranks and census of countries, cities, regions and imaginable places exists here and the sound effects might a little bit silence with no real music but still learning more about your governance issues and notifications about there’s flash news or arguments among your citizens or legislation acts to pass or not reliable endorsing to raiding and compiled assigned views of populations greater than you can imagine fills the destine to those whom likely, enjoying the tricks on simulation growth rates of your foundation of active country and policies to boosts up your businesses by checking the charts, the region notifications, the telegrams and other aspects to adding more allies or dossier. 
The basic of this game influenced being the continuity of Jennifer Government book written by Mr. Barry the Australian. Issue about Compulsory Military Service Under Attack or National Glowing Water Supply At Night, Children’s Black Jack and Legalize of Marijuana and Nudity perhaps as odd as the further study for many countries or nations stating there with weirdest names to laugh about or interesting facts for us to see while play and browsed such as The Order Of Grey Warden, Osiris, Lazarus, The Independent Republic of Insurgia, The Confederate States of Republic of Dixie, The Borderlands of StreetFire to Empire of Canada, Kingdom of Alexandria, Andalusian Union, Communist Alliance, The Commonwealth of Cortaro, Atlantic Administrative Region or even Ameican Coalition of Nations as well as European Conglomerate Federation and The Caliphate and other strange NationStates countries created. Whether you located on The North Pacific or Pan African doesn’t matter when you switches place to other territories or region for free.