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Elfen Elegy (Waxwork 2016)

   Dark comedy and horror fantasy about the mythical creature of dark-side of the Christmas maybe alive to came true for Max Engel and his family Tom, Sarah (parents) and grandma Omi Engel for the three days before X’mas the dysfunction gathered small family as the believer of santa claus intended to send letter as well as other family members outside their circle like mom’s sister Beth, auntie Linda, uncle Howard and their children Howie Jr, Stevie and Jordan with baby Chrissie arrived as well as aunt Dorothy with tradition preserved but relatives tension heating up on losing the real Christmas spirits and the mocking cousin over Max’s letter leads him furious and cursing Christmas as blizzard severe the town with outage power as Beth whom went out being chased by horned large creature and hiding under the truck before being attack by jack-in-the-box while she anted to check her boyfriend wherebout. 
As Tom and Howard searching out for Beth inside her boyfriend’s house that ruined scattered; only left tracks of goat-like footprints as the two being attacked by monsters under the snow but manage to escape. 
   Board-up windows cannot hold what’s really coming at them as the terrible gingerbread man with hook lures Howie to the chimney and took him for the horror story continues on Krampus the movie directed by Michael Dougherty based on the old Austro-Bavarian folklore as Omi explains them about the creature hunting them, every time families lost their spirits of Christmas and cursing will summon the creature that will ragged everyone to underworld. Skeptical adults turning a believer in fear and screams as monstrous toys attacking them inside the house and invades it as Jordan being swallowed by Der Klown or the raiding bad elves before Krampus itself killing grandma Omi emerged of the fireplace as Krampus comforting Max whose honestly apologize for ruining the Christmas by holding the bauble bell and piece of discarded letter before awaken from a really bad dreams. 
Krampus (original motion picture soundtrack) by various artists and Douglas Pipes compositions meet the essential excitement opener to the terrifying conflict, suspense thrilling and more horror-testing which almost beautiful, scoring and delivers Classic orchestral tunes tracking the steps of Christmas ruining session as the jump-scares attacks and the monstrous figures might making your little children cry harder. Dear Santa, The Wish, Special Delivery, Into The Storm, The Snow Beast, Unholy Night, Season’s Eatings, All Through The House or The Shadow of St. Nicholas for Sacrifice did well blending thus anti-happiness and colorful images about holiday ruined by the closing for the bauble gift presented and their house being watched through the snow globes of plenty family lost their spirits. 

Don’t wait for the final scares from the demonic toys !