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Eerie Occult Fog (Vendlus Records 2009)

Post-Metal-lic shopping for those whom likely, loves artists brought Crust Heavy Metal and Death Metal onto Post-Metal doomy dark stench vain such as the Germany’s Valborg champions for purely burying the shadows of Sabbath with Tom G. Warrior’s Progressive of Bonn-town essence of horror fusing as early Hellhammer confusing your catalogs of Bohren und der Club to dense escapes of inventive musical from depth of hellish itself creates there from the taking burst on the band’s album entitled – Glorification Of Pain meets the regular semi-mid tempo punches and tuning down funeral sounds onto a better sophomore metal-bashing choices to hear louder via Whisper of The Wizard, Epic Journey, When Dusk Begins to Fall or even Rain in The Forest as well as Chains of Frost crossing bridges between hallucination and reality of fear on human’s mind trapped on the mountain of unholy screams excessively, haunting the real life and make amends onto scarred victimized weak tempered mankind dropping down while slips into sins pit forever unnoticed.

Glorification of Pain: