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ECT Shit (Pluto Records 2007)

   Cannot booked easily forwarding the non-innocent and value-haters before they’re changing their names from Plague of Locusts originally to the more Mastodon’s Progressive Post-Hardcore influences taking over the grip of members for this band from Lubbock, Texas – The Dead See (now) remains the composition to vocalist/guitarist Mark Key, guitarist Neil Barrett, bassist Marcos Morales and drummer Josh Paul pulverizing drawn of alternate hate visions in modern Heavy Metal sounds to lifting the rise of Southern Metal Sludge in general that has been brought to the surface dangerously by legendary names like Crowbar and Rwake. 

   Through The Veil is your ultimate Sludge/Metalcore mixing record which begins and ended up at the same high level of generative and immediate danger conversions as death defying or monstrous creatures are the similarity of your inner fear and reality checks which blasts to the nowhere points where one could easily gone mad, madder, maddest as human beings and this track-titles alike Dead Man’s Throne, Mary Kelly, Sons of Silence, Treacher Collins, Cronos and Traversing The Mountain of Knives gave Memento Mori – a new interpretation meaning to the globe. 

Through The Veil: