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Digital Cyclopse (1068086 Records DK 2018)

   Square Clouds phenomena was and will be the next steps of the mystery of non-celebration as people claimed to have seen green lights before the disaster strikes and some major offensive theory felt like a sci-fi lie when one nation claims to be capable for controlling weather reports or manipulating the earth shifts and earthquakes just like attached samples tunes from Car Crash Bird Funeral's releasing of Is And to view upon Burial Of an Intelligent Machine or Mr. Microwave or even How Can You Sleep with So Much Glass to Break and its Hrd to Exhale as the group that hold and building mysteries on their new quests for spreading Alternative-Electronic Pop durations of variety have made a greet on openings for tired travelers as Welcome to This Very Big Empty Space Its Very Spacious and I Showed You My Lymbic System Please Respond to many more advancing softer and slower seminal menacing to reflection characters within the weird bass-play, theatrical of supernatural and fictions odyssey as well as harmonic whispering catch tunes caught as Chemical Burn tells the messages for the next apocalypse hidden with the record straight hits on This is Your Brain On. 

Marks the smarter newest recording around as you know it buzzes unpredictably like 7777777 Hummingbird or the abstract painting between cheese lips. 

Is And: