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Destination Venus (Self-Released 2016)

   Sounded well metallic and may offending Kirk Hammett for seconds but the entire spotlight would be that these trio isn’t US citizens as the replacing for no vocals adjustment to their music means that Surf Rock and instrumental guitars rocking to controls the main framed of the sons of Voodoo Glow Skull having sex too much with Dick Dale from Ourense – Spain unknown three comrades here releasing this E.P entitled Surfin’ After Death digitally, as The Phantom Dragsters band being called themselves just like the existing drawn for thus zombie-like monster surfer likes to have the big waves riding as rocking sounds goes on to entertaining the drunk people and the beach-heads living via Devil Race or Galaxy Quest shortly. 

There’s nothing stopping this activity not even the high-tide, sharks and gravity said the dragsters of phantom once to themselves while they’re breathing normal not dead. Have fun doing what you used to be afraid to do …

Surfin' After Death: