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Cunningham (Not On Label 2018)

   Known as Andy Boss or Aendi or just in a guitarist members with his friends of Bloff or not being excellent but choose to gain his soloists by energy as Anders Buaas alone; this weirdy Scandinavian musician probably would amaze your catalogs for strange musical onto the personal project releasing like the one penetrates your inner-self consciousness as reflection of cards drawing and the mystic vowing spells thrown by the fortunate tellers of the past and presents toward your existence as hearing sense captures images or tunes from an alchemy rocks The Witches of Finnmark II – the number two high-techniques records taken from this man’s collection so far. 

   Blending through Folk-Rock as well as Hard Rock and most mysterious pleasant and unpleasant beats of non-vocals but musical instruments only delivers within the adventure journey of the man’s soul inside his mind or the reality symbols for three goddesses as troubadour lives continuing on the same time as the flawless melodic plays over The Black Cat and The King tells of wiser background of regrets or proud stabbing yourself as Raven claws destroying one’s pretty face to a cursing days or even Letter 1609 and The Witches Return seems to be not a good tunes to spend the night with especially, those whom celebrating Yule by themselves without preparing some kinds of offering to the elders for protection and good luck. 

Do you still don’t belief in witch-crafting relates the occult wiccan to chrsitianity to Heavy Rock pleasant ?

The Witches of Finnmark II: