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Crazy Blue Angel (Medley/Impact 1991)

   Mixed of Pop-Rock and Electro-Pop tunes was the essential attributes that brought to the frontline for these Denmark Pop-Rockers unit of foursome naming themselves after Michael Learns To Rock (MLTR) when there’s nobody in the group name that which collectively, pushing the fame for Jascha Richter the keyboardist whom sing the leads, drummer Kare Wanscher, bassist Soren Madsen and guitarist Mikkel Lentz to releasing the debut recording off the band as a poppy beats self-titled record quickly gains attention for the Scandinavian, some parts of Europe territory but devastating Asian region and pacific to put their hot single of all time career opener to the radio stations and music charts through The Actor which tells us about the sad story of low-profiling acts of someone trying to win his love over the beauty and the world facing obstacle but never giving up means a lot to people with the same situations carrying on their steps to get their dreams as await inside the silly dressing clothes band picturing the front cover like a Pop sensation from the late seventies written down finest popular tricks on songs of themselves via Looking For Love, A Kiss in The Rain, Messages, I Still Carry On and African Queen that really taste good to make yourself feeling popular while singing them and the invitation following Come On and Dance maybe perhaps, can goes on for Let’s Build a Room for progress, prosperity and inclusiveness among us for being happy again.

Michael Learns To Rock: