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Church Key (Lo & Behold! Records & Books 2014)

   Richard Wohlfeil’s guitar displays did mean business for his musical by doing more experimental fusion for this kinds of Swamp Pop non-rejected but hypnotic sounds to bare on the stereo of someone as the atmosphere changes from brighter to gloomy dark as your images displaying thus hush hushy Rock n’ Roll story about the serial killer Cleophus Junior in his stabbing acts and hardened dick penetrating the innocent white girls and their mommy too before cement spraying, lust erecting and total pleasure gains as the San Diego most hated murder tales ends with dishonest psychotic checked apologize but the stains of sinful merely needs corrupting the air. 

   The Potions releasing of Seven Black Shapes reveals the bluesy core for Alternative Pop-Rock treasure seeker pleasing on have this album minimalist but exotic by the non-popular soundscapes goes to snap your inner demons erupting to loose straight while the playing tracks like Axe Blues, Gandy Dancin’. Leprosy and Death Ain’t Got No Mercy reluctant to measure that the horrible situations won’t be happening again for the whitey’s reality. 

Seven Black Shapes: