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Cherry Car Lawyer (Bandcamp 2017)

   Hailed from Saranks – Russia hype not hipster celebrates the silence over the conjunction on releasing instrumental manners over a Hip-Hop local to Rap beats sound that really feels like scary dancing in as reserved rights within the December manic dark mystery means flowing in the flow of thick instrumental fusion style of Industrial-Pop and Electronic musical project as ten songs reveals here off Antibiotic with the figure sitting rest laden on monotonous supervising or suspiciously, tried not to be looking intrigued but the escapism and thus atmosphere on inferior or digital world surveillance makes the entire operations went colder like the Russian weather as the baldy old beard-man in nice expensive suits representing the mafia organization watching us within the live band music recording and arranged tracks written there via Bandit Russia, Look At Moon, Topless, Gurgen, Obnorsky, Music Flows, Baron and Penetration gets the heels moving followed the kidnappers body reaction when ears listening to the deader beats inviting us to embracing crimes as the night gets old and the world finally, fell asleep.