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Caber Toss (Virtual Console 1986)

   Do you like sports where you can choose not to be just in one place to compete for gold medals and first place but several places region to pick one at a time ? Back on the early as far as nineteen eighty six developed by Epyx as published to merely gaming fans to enjoying the video game called World Games for Commodore 64 versions as well as Apple IIGS, Amstrad, CPC and Sega Master System created by Milton Bradley with fascinating boxart. Events of non-regular sports challenge activities from Sumo Wrestling in Japan where one need to throw out the opponent off the ring to win or the most pleasure graceful of Slalom Skiing somewhere on the France Alps mountains; the not for fainted heart and thrill seekers to try and win for Cliff Diving of Acapulco Mexico or Bull Riding in the US. More further skills into kinds of traditional Barrel Jumping and Log Rolling and first must registerd yourself as an athlete professionally, going to have fun but also trying to achieve better position, adding name tagged of the chosen country represents may ended up within the national anthems from Italia, Germany, Canada, Australia and much more fun to dig for doing this game as praised awards and boring critics also following the re-release of this World Games this millennium too.