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Boxful Pranks (Platinum 2009)

   Fifth releasing records off the Rennes’ mixture play on Bikini Machine’s Electronic and 60’s Garage Rock N’ Roll music that rocks the other ashes project group before as Franck Hamel with Fed Gansard, Mik Prima to Pat Sourimant and Sam Michel pulls the screaming scooter-head revival on The Full Album that kicks the stage and giving good points towards the tracks alike Good morning, Strange Day, Ou Vont Les Cons, Mister Syncope onto Crash, Submission and The Race getting over thus elevated feelings imagined for your lame party gone wrongful exciting as the floor-dancers are making acclamation to Indie Rock salute via The Old School for Scherzo – just for the fans of The Hives creating more fusion on the guitar effects !

The Full Album: