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Bonafide Pervert (Independent 2018)

   St. Louis’ Punks area rocks the Mother’s Day within the no surprising acts as MOM letting their self-titled album became the regular pack of gifts away from the infamous colorful pack of gummy bears and good intention thanks to the one whom giving birth for us to be in this world but fully shits, boring schools, bully experience, all those house rules and mortgage payments, the total authoritarian female leadership or the big family rampaging reunion as well as nothing but soft music, no prom night and prayer most of the time while eating veggies only makes these youth rebels of Missouri as the melting Nazis from the ark of the covenant failure mission in Indiana Jones adventure number one and the scientific mistakes recorded there by Andy Peterson and celebrations turning to howling brawl party and spill drinks and small chaos as the grandma’s, the moms and the younger mothers being assaults by the single mothers forcing them to drinks and dance like maniac following the Hardcore sounds about Revenge is Ours, Dilly Dally, Tricky Ticky Tick Tock Pt. 1 & Pt. 2, King Baby, Not A Punk and So Bad – really really makes things bad than the previous bad as then, local government sacked the mother’s day holiday not allowed to be held for public !