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Black Sails (Helium Records 2015)

   Jack Dancing will easily catches your interest while as the lead vocals seemed to tricked people and confusing about the true gender of Ryan Locker but the rest of the band from Basel comprising for Thomas Nuesch, David Reichlin, Dominik Stampfli or Cedric Opplinger over thus guitars, drums rhythms and honest English lyrics and much thanks following their existence popular music that remaining through - Great Expectations mini recording which sounding retro, simple but also Rock-Pop romantic troubled themes in filling in sensational appearance from some female names on the list with them like Nicole, Sabrina, Annina to Tanja whose might singing altogether with the band performing the semi-acoustic catchy musical gifts here and sang beautifully, melodic via Still Waiting, In A While, Sleeps is For The Weak and combi-camping week in Switzerland or tours delighted tales off the band’s life.

Great Expectations: