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Birthmarks (Not On Label 2012)

   Magic reliable well for nostalgia selected weave being choose as your favorite songs where one could find over the haven’t looked back in the most beautiful or heartfelt ever sounds as Pop Alternative and seminal Folk-romance collections came along this recording tunes for home themes made by the New York’s crew named Green Or Blue that carefully, written these fine slow tunes for lovers and heart-breakers and thus being tried to angler for some kinds of signals depth inside the blue ocean from a bottled cassette build up ship as figured literary truth. 

   Listening to songs like Words and Lines, Get Back, Let’s See If We Can, To Tell You From Afar as well as Whiskey and Ashes to Coming of Age will makes your eyes tearing bit by bits as reminds of old memories comes back haunting or appears just like non-scandalous things you ever needed to have again the most by good works led by Matt Nicolae, Ben Gorham and Andy Weber of Walverne performing thus live musical bands of guitars, piano and drums with harmonic vocals … 

This Sinking Ships is precious !

Sinking Ships: