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Betrachter Kron (Temple Of Torturous 2015)

   North Rhine-Westphalian project of one-man Black Metal raw Total Negation by terms of Classics and visibly strong to the progress of public listening through melodious Extreme Heavy Metal fans derelict similar to Kreator by voice in many aliases as Christoph Glanemann, Crudus, Nachts or Weidergaenger with this releasing number three off his career on hatred to popular world cleansing thunderstorms and bloody battles engaged within the enemies of true faith of dangerous Heavy Metal extremist actions will be found clearly, darker or malicious within the blends of Doom Metal mixed Krautrock meets Black Metal fusion all written in Germanic tribal lyrics and attacking furiously hard on your futile minds where Fluchtling, Augenzeuge or Heimkehrer and the entire rest of Zeitzeuge album will be the proclamation of pagan gods symbolic trust on the eternal fight against modern day teutonic knights lie for decades on the big tree and Germanic tribes.