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Bellyache My (Interscope Records 2017)

   Billie Eillish Pirate Baird O’Connell is our Los Angeles born female singer and song-writer that ends the wrapping year from her birthday back to 2001 at young age creating good deeds on Indie Pop musical performance within her talents and good looks and within Electronic Pop measuring makes a breakthrough advancing acts via the mini recording like a reminder of other younger artists due to the new year’s charting for billboard or international recognition as Billie Eilish on the release of Don’t Smile At Me has given the odd strange front cover photograph which showing her sitting under the red traditional ladder-like shape thing but the sender off her works track-songs really amazing to listen. 

   Modern Pop culture and MTV’s basic weirdness spotlights shown here along with thus simple life themed but wiser smart characterizing vocals and beats collaborating brought Idontwannabeyouanymore to Watch or Copycat stating that she’s originality comes from herself esteem and ideas not confronting thus big company mainstream order but lots of people will definitely disagree not to tell that she’s is awesome because she’s independent as thus softer music and wiser lyrics contains little bit ambiguity may dis-interpreted as a missing points for some other seems like make her care less but keep on singing. You will exploring her record much and until Hostage Eyes to Hostage capturing means about natural beauty or the views from teenage girl seeing her abroad world in a wider open spacing originality in. 

Don't Smile At Me: