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Becoming An Object (Pluto Records 2016)

   Michael Kopko on vocals, Danny Panzini on guitars, Callum McPhee on guitars, Jules Parris on bass and Darren Brown on drums sounded similar to your excellent satanic cult-ritual crew making of Heavy Metal extreme group – holding their moments of offerings and sacrifice the innocent blood by the altar of madness; sending thus possessive tracks and written lyrics by screaming vocals or metallic Hardcore meets Black Metal Thrash formats as well as the artworks of pagan symbolizing of an evil eagle flying the skies to feed its nest by human flesh and sins. 

   Ablaze tourniquet sounds and old ways beliefs for these Toronto, Ontario releasing which being engineered, mixed and mastered by Collin Young and some guests vocals helps for addition available for this record – No New Prey leads Harangue playing groovy blasts and destructive metallic explosion of tunes by six and more head-banging based listening onto it. 

Falling House feat. Liam Cormier, Table Scraps or 3 Hands and Scavenger’s Waltz – may being the end of your harassing era to popular culture turns to dust as being grind by the underground realm hate music. 

No New Prey: