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Apocalypse Cavaliers (Sonic Twang 2017)

   Paris, France brew of foursome rock musicians decided to added more tunes of themselves originally to the less-favorable Classics appropriate and appreciated Surf Music tuning scene worldwide as Louise and Francis for the guitars displays, harmonic rhythms by bass playing from Samy to Claude behind the drum-set bring this maximum performance to the higher shot by thus guidelines on instrumentals and perfect atmosphere on surfing competitions around tropical beaches in pacific or other related places would be a great pick on those whom fanatic lovers only to be within this type of lifestyle. From the Traditional hurricanes of exotica Surf music to thus Rock N’ Roll reverb et mat le rouge points viewing by four tracks from this ep release – The Wave Chargers Strikes Again! one shall see the guitar-player figure really in love to jumps and begin again to do its act of style riding them as Tidal Jet or Crossfire feat. Mat Le Rogue for brass section penetrations did well to gets your attention for this pack of dune-buggy energies of the old 60’s vintage show’s new millennium gift.