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AOK Geheim (Jade Tree 1998)

   A longstanding of the broke-up summer after the releasing on their couple ep’s to several locals shows around and beyond Bufallo Grove, Chicago – Illinois; delivering these native-members of the seminal-legendary among others newer generations for Emo-Rock Punk-Pop scene as commercially, didn’t really lasted long alive as a unit but since some already witnessing how guitarist Voctor Villareal with school friends Tim Kinsella screaming out aloud as well as younger brother behind the drum-sets Mike and Sam Zurick the bass guitarist pleasing those whom really needs to find some loosen pipe entrance to the other topical world rather than the reality sucked one discovers thus depressive stateless lone album and of course, the neat compilation form the original foursome crew off Cap’n Jazz in fast brutality and moderate experimenting indie Rock passion within Analphabetapolothology – as weird as Hardcore Pop as you ever wanted to avoid but loving them anyway after listening. From Little League, Oh Messy Life, Puddle Splashers, Flashpoint: Catheter, Yes I Am Talking To You, Bluegrassish onto Precious and Hey Ma Do I Hafta Choke on These or even Forget Who We Are all the way through the non-secret last song Ohh Do I Love You as weirdy stuff contaminates in brighter yellowish cover.