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Acidule Baldocaster (Playmaker 2018)

   As through the universal space and time and thus unnoticeable inspiring Retro-Electro music and filming video-games extra-dimensional travels and creation; you need to charging back your-self from the fatigue oriented and lesser money collected but the future belongs to the one whom preparing themselves like this recording entitled Lost Shapes Reinvented from Waveshaper – the Synthwave producer off Stockholm, Sweden by this buyable and commencing tunes that being remixed well as instrumental digital and non-vocals must not always considerable as a waste of time listening while doing your space jumps to the remote corner of the galaxy for a strictly long time. Calls for the counting hours that needs to be celebrates while other colony asleep in their capsules; beat recording that invites our attention comes within Electric Space Year (Moustache Machine Remix), Portal (Powernerd Remix), The Year is 2003 (Oscillian Remix), The Plan (Atom Delta Remix) and Space Romance putting the stereo in alert-modes on for anything suspicious dancing outside your window as well. 

Love those quietness but you the astronaut and your robotic droid crew … 

Lost Shapes Reinvented: