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Acetone Flexibility (Independent 2018)

   Only been said once about the members of gory screaming of extreme troops of the vanishing light or gonguri to yuppie killer and victim kit directs Sludge/Doom victimized atmosphere and Thrash Metal slower tunes crushing the ears and normal conservatives for this maniacal of South Korean’s Seoul local-super group project on Leper Temple beating disc on this self-titled release for the duration off twenty-eight minutes and forty-four seconds blasted the seminal satanic underground type for heavy riffs and mighty head-banging tempos as yet, sarcasm plus the initiation ritual with Bedstain Blues, Another Corpse on Everest or Honey Piss gave the ep dark-ridden as your bucket of sin lists.

You already know that this lot ain't really holy at all ...

Leper Temple: