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6 Pitch Levels (Self-Released 2018)

   And the little grey-alien being has spoken at the introduction for the worldly living remains generation for the destruction of our planet decades ago but the highly intelligent creatures had left their device kinds of application gaming through the mini music maker and allows us to filling the empty circle space with picking symbols that creates musical sounds combination as composing loops onto various different taps may re-creating the empty filled realm of our environmental home planet again. 
A collection of animals and tree/plants and other signs open or needs to be unlocked can becoming the mix on ecosystem background high-tech meets natural fusion tunes as SoundForest game would be so lovely for your kids and yourself to reminding, learning and loving the environment back to the it supposed to be. Instant compositions, of awesomeness, elements of over one hundred and sixty unique notes onto musical environments of four parts that being self-creates for SoundForest, ElectroJungle, SynthSavanna and EchoOcean means endless of songs possibilities made from the smaller comforting combined of quick loops into mini songs. Such a fun learn and quick response for those whom still believe to restoring the greens and the blues from the late disaster of pollutant and destructions happened here before. 
   A little things of gems that can easily makes your day fully smiling by playing the advance game for advance head with weridy tunes and cute beats to add within your successful compositions of music or even songs. An ideal antidote from the loves of drunken consciousness minds and McCartney and Attenborough’s Disney product experience of surprising hypnotic oddball.