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04:45 Haunted (Disko Obscura 2017)

   Hesitation comes after you hearing some noises made by human creating kinds of Cosmic Electronic and Horror Boogie that raised the Acid Funk futuristic towards the recorder as the arriving on much-anticipated overlords via the displaying Pink Fink duet of Pink Daniels on synths, drum-machine magic to Fink Samuel’s synth, modular magic and vocoder recording sounds shaping this album concepts as set designs dimensions build by the combinations of performance using drumfire df500, oberheim dx, roland tr-707 onto sequential circuits prophet 5 as well as moog voyager to yamaha cs-5, eurorack modular, ems 1000 or sennheiser vsm-201 that you might or not know or hear about before; all being showed here via Pink Fink LP /// DSK 014 codes and their blackened Pop rituals of deader side in analogue and fierce funky imagining onto delicious fits for gloomy and abandoned place for gathered lost souls to dance creepy. 

   The New Orleans, Louisiana crew misconception of non-human further attractions here means that more talk-active sounds made by sequences relatively reveals the terror of the night being released to your neighboring streets in form of ghouls and mischievous creatures climbing your toilet dumps or crawling inside your open windows and unlocked door as demands call onto modern New Wave mixtures for Pink’s Groove, Fear The Night, Body, Demonic and Frightened Love premier-ing the underworld collaboration with evil spirits summons and ominous conjure séance on the year end’s debut-trax disaster. 

A grand departure from the city’s Dark Future Funk type hailing.