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03:26 (Asthmatic Kitty 2007)

   Composing his own tracks with the piano play or sitting like a child outside watching the wilderness and the background story about his divorce and proud father before needs to see his children grow quite not possible daily but once a week since those two darn years of the fall-down and this time by the strength to carry on like a beat-up Volkswagen and graveyard shift promoted to the unemployment pickers is the moment back for Chris Schlarb overcast the middle of his tales to be written and produced for catharsis deep or disparate crossing section to modern composing Avant-Garde independent Folk and worshops and Jazz guitar founding purposes under the moniker great piano displays where there are Section I until Section X written here through Twilight & Ghost Stories made the sophomore sadness talks via music of the broken softer harmonic builds as those three minutes and twenty-nine seconds from Section III or Section VI went out after three minutes and thirty-eight seconds remarkably kept this man alive while experimenting his sounds. Less or longer altogether abandoned by the lights of joy of the family measured bricks by bricks forcing even good man to started all over again with co-founding questions and answers in wait begins with a debut.

Twilight & Ghost Stories: