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01:23 (Not On Label 2018)

Lifetime in search for karmic imprints onto chaos salvation of solitude by phantasmagoria facility of painful or painless releases as rebirth on interstitial identification of focus experience by droning contemplation to the in-between journey of deader souls to crossing diverge through reckoning as smaller as parasitic life-formats divides into double tracks sounds for creepy adventures presence of acoustic ode aural non-messages and inhumanity sole surviving of essential horror caught upon Echtra’s releasing of BardO records. 

A smiling lion-like creature face ashore indistinct Electronic sonorous materialistic triumph on keyboards, spidery guitars and vocals whispering delivered for consciousness truth beneath the transcend incursions on terrain habitual flows like escaping ladder path to be found either somewhere in a keyhole spot inside number I part exceeding through thus twenty-three minutes plus one second or even the second part as you explores yourself before lost the way and gone over the gap of dark spirits devotional or Doomy sounds of this Cascadia, Oregon.