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Sweet Rowena (J&R Adventures 2011)

   Like as his presence would be a brightest star or comet in the destine realm of Blues Rock universe of US and worldwide and career pass not splitting courageously, onto the most high places loves to crowning him a s a new seed of Rock-Blues clue as the way he was born on May, seventy-seven in New Hartford, NY is your guitarist/singer and song-writer Joseph L. Bonamassa became senior started as junior greens playing for several bands and shows but talents shown within the early young aged opening for the blues master; yet since then – turns the luck of this hardworking man onto something special and beloved to hear by many audience and listening tuner for television, radios, podcast to music fanatics of Bluesy Rock and further more not trying to hide but barely, facing the nearby hurricane and tornadoes only to be shielded by Bonamassa’s musical progression hammering and nails collaborates by Blues, Pop, Rock and Country over Dust Bowl recording and feel the electrifying zaps with hypnotic commencing solo guitars or even the stronger vocals of this figure of very important personal in your Blues Rock modern lives.

   Different variety and good extra-calculating choruses and mastering musical means that Black Lung Heartache, You Better Watch Yourself, Tennessee Plates right followed next by The Whale That Swallowed Jonah, Slow Train or The Last Matador of Bayonne listed the hard-wired roads and not so friendly places heading but there’s no surrender to the ignorant or the unknown before the fat lady sings tells us it over. 

Long presumes thicker taste of midnight oil burning or slower tight displays of Joe’s ability must be magnificent to be left behind out of being booked as one of the new seven wonders or just, awesome guitarist and his many talents intact.

Dust Bowl:

The First Noel (Magna Carta 2001)

   Robert Berry leads his December People not doing the most rock-stars did in different luxury or beached warmth as notable sell recording but touring the heartland or urban cities spreading their Progressive Rock tunes celebrating Classics Christmas songs like the way they’d arrange them sophomore towards the limitless listeners to have over the debut record entitled of holiness and joy breathing for raising awareness on local hunger and helping each other within the collaboration and make relations via performance of the stars musician from Steve Walsh to John Wetton to Jake Livgren and Mike Baker doing their taste of rock tunes re-arranging through Up On The Housetop/Deck The Halls, ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas, What Child is This ?, Carol Of The Bells as well as We Three Kings of Orient Are and Heard The Bells on Christmas Day may relevant by all means necessary to helps you surviving the Silent Night of loneliness while your family’s gone out or nobody cares for your presence anymore but these old dudes of (The) December People do care about their world in needs and helping comes in form of Prog-Rock popular real-music’s Sounds Like Christmas is on it way ! 

Sounds Like Christmas:

Ryes & Water (Self-Released 2016)

   Soulful lyrics and great choice for low-end slower but spiritually lifting awaken beats formatted through these twelve tracks arranged written of the production of sending messages about eating goods and praises all due to the only most high while your ears felt not failure to achieved those rhyming talks and rapping bounces via the eccentric and natural rhyming hero of the lesser known name of New York which carried here by ScienZe as the care-free popular voice that you need to hear for with headphones while the outside world bewildering on Christmas eve party maniac but on his side path – born as Jamal Monsanto of Brooklyn loving Hip-Hop like sunrise and air breathing and madly in love to creates speaker masterpieces just like this one burger delicious displays with wisdom lyrics flown written and delivers to share to you, friends for believing that miracles still going to happens if you pray and wishing for them. 

   With most featuring fellas and crew holding on to representing Bon Appetit feat. Chuuwee, Colours & Dates feat. Sidsel Ben Semmane & Adrian Cullen, Crabs & Barrels feat. Noah Bility onto Proof & Pudding feat. JohnNY U. as if the gifts won’t be spoiled taken and gives towards everybody commits kindness after this or not; the pleasure on spreading good news as in Good Food project recording did sparks something special for the cold snowy night by helping others in needs and celebrates your warmth thanks to god with Wine & Yoga or such for open minded.

Good Food:

Princess Cupcake (Self-Released 2014)

   Acoustic carols from the colder territory somewhere in Alaska that brings to us divinity but also adding a little more merrier comedy broadcast the inner Folk-based on Joni Mitchell’s holiday songs written and plays with Jordan Shindle, Eric Rodgers or David George Gordon and more friend-musicians for not so greater purposes but helps you to surviving the most bored times of the year with Yippee-Ki-Yay live EP wrote down for the loops taping off the credited smart female musician-singer taste named Marian Call releasing this irreverent span tunes only for those whom tired of musical holy days to choose the pick on their own. Nine title tracks provides here noted on different collection with the same pounds need to be appreciated not just humbugs and purchased by thou whom liking the reality relations taste like eclectic spontaneous, spiritual and never gets too commercial illusions towards the church-sang voice of a girl tells us about Magnificat (04:25), The Last Song in The World (02:11) onto Christmas in L.A as well as Ave Maria (Plainsong) to Hey For Christmas means a lot to reflects by standard smiling ideas onto new resolutions for the next year – this time soften and calmer but merely, not fully of shit !

Yippee Ki Yay:

Of Hari Krisna Sick (Hut Recordings/Virgin 1999)

   A unit founded for the smaller scene in Alternative Pop Britons formats on huge members than usual with Barney C. Rockford on 2nd drumming, Alice Readman for bass guitar, Luke Haines on guitars/piano/vocals, Glenn Collins the 1st drummer and James Banbury for cello which considered as a weird consolidates musical performance for a band but the unique-taste from The Auteurs in their fourth album lend us the beauty for listening more comprehensive good sounds not like the rest within thus melodic arrangements led by strings section to low folded slower tunes of non-hushy feelings reflects as How I Learned To love The Bootboys means to tell the rural remoting places around the highlands low hills or rocky beach lime-walls and weird pinkish sheep herder on Brit-Pop taste imaginations where the listeners being taken out far and wrapped by the blended female/male voices to the warmth invisibility hands of magic or northern winds cold breeze awakening the sleeping islander souls while the music softly, bursts Some Changes, Johnny and The Hurricanes, The South Will Rise Again, Asti Spumante, School, 1967 and Future Generation has brought newer fictional reality news towards your head to process back the tides wavy higher sending danger or the preserving thoughts making the world a better place for gods blessings upon you and me manage still tomorrow.

How I Learned To Love The Bootboys:

A Quiet Place (Clay Pipe Music 2015)

   Started as the mists of mysteries lurks and begin to drifted by the mythical taste of Neo-Pagan’s crystal clear melodies written into grips of the happening surrounds the natural warmth and cold weather changes of the year; fills the air a brand new spiritual via Friends and Enemies; Lovers and Strangers off this English singer/song-writer/musician born out of New York and grew up Leicester, England compiles every single thing that has been shown onto her based Folk-Traditional lives both creations in English and Appalachia frequents drawn as musical reflections for inspired by love, hatred, battling on loss of power gaining displacement and migration of minds in magical wonders as mentioned on her female instinct and touchy stories comprising on herself as Sharron Kraus displaying the vocals, guitars, record-bows and vows percussion and dulcimer to organ with Harriet Earis on harp, Nancy Wallace on vocals as well as Nick Palmer on piano bring the essential calmer musical with ideas of Pagan beliefs worshiping mother nature in captured atmosphere this year of the days envision journey almost ends for everyone.

   Folk World and traditional Country measuring meant to be realistic to showing tales about imaginary realm and myth-folklore into modern society as the princess riding white horse, giant stranded to the land of small people or hilly mounts and misty shadows gave us the wisdom lyrics and messages through The Hunter, A Hero’s Death, The Birds of Rhiannon, Farewell, Blodeuwedd, Branwen or Stranger In Your Land tells the entire asked questions of frequent lies on music that taste truly magic layered beauty for interpretations and aspiring transition. 

Friends and Enemies Lovers and Strangers:

High Horse Grassman (A&M Records 1998)

   Midlands of Hounslow, Middlesex (West London) was and always is containing the rest of their career full not for fools listening scene but the soulful touch and rest of the band’s comprising for Andy Miller, Mathew Priest, Nigel Clark and Richard Payne productions over the years from the ninety-three times until then, here being compiled for Dodgy’s Brit-Pop and Indie Rock plus Pub tunes written and arranged through the goodies artificial honesty for audience calmer, non-sinister and pasty in bloody harmonic sounds and vocals that covers most of thus tracks did well by the group like Britons do usually …

   Mastering the slower popular music with the fab-four influences or the Midwest American blending tones and vibes led the most of the catchy songs becoming a humming sang along times for you to listen here on Ace A’s + Killer B’s album. Telling stories from Staying Out For The Summer (Summer 95), Water Under The Bridge, Melodies Haunt You, Big Brown Moon onto Self Doubt or Making The Most Of and Lovebirds should be enough for the first introduction on the newcomer listeners liking Dodgy like the fans liking them since. 

Ace A's + Killer B's:

Your Body Lies (London Records 1996)

   Don’t hate the players when they can deliver the best efforts they can to this Macclesfield, Cheshire as English Brit-Pop band consisting for Jack Mitchell, Jaime Harding, Julian Phillips, Phil Cunningham and Tony Grantham pulls the melodic tension over the Alternative Rock and Pop-Rock session on this debut album recording entitled This World and Body fro the midst of nineties era taste like awesome Glam-Rock harmonies with catchy riffs and harmonica blasts and thus gloomy subway train-small alley for jaywalking did Fallen Through, Sleep, Let’s All Go Together, The Only Way, I Stopped Dancing, Toys For Boys and Vanessa means so lucky to be loved as favorites as you predict them would goshly sounding like bloody neat to listen. 

Amazing lesser-known recording that needs your attention, lads ! 

This World And Body:

2:40 (Ariston Records 2018)

   Foundation for true easy beats listening by ears relaxing but clever in writing the lyrics of as known as Louievill Slugga from hometown of South Hayward, CA becoming the transformation of a new kinds of rapper features adding more names to the local scene and national interests for having his artistic name – Lil Slugg. Hailed himself from Bay Area native and proudly present the representative marks off the smaller community to the more public interests and Rap Music to Hip-Hop lovers knowing the man and maybe, liking him too. 

   Trying not to be too exaggerated the tougher looks so within the works did playful the non-instant characteristic of the quality music arrangement and lyrics telling for daily issues and stories like ordinary caught people’s heart and feelings because the similarity same spreading positive ideas or reality check within the displaying 23, Overthinking, In My Bag, Start Fresh (feat. Lula) onto Big Bank (feat. Wethepartysean, Jayy Hitta & Lnd Mouse) through Like This or No Love for helping the young folks questioning their own injustice living and opportunity led to nothing but the G-thang crimes must be revised by someone with attitude and good causes postponed bad things like #SluggLife told us about here. 

Don’t hanging yourself over addictions and negativity acts, niggas, Peace !


Uztemimas Dulkes (Self-Released 2006)

   It’s not their fault for the world didn’t really recognizing them as one of the fantastic Death Metal crew formats hailing from Kaunas, Lithuania where Catholicism didn’t or cannot really steps in its footprints much well to taming the pagan tribes of the land and continues to today that the facts that history brings is also true; Ossastorium’s first debut release album contains of eleven tracks and performance at high techniques presented by guitarist/vocalist Saulius Rimas, drummer/keyboardist Sergej Lebedev to bass guitarist Justinas Vabuolas may closer to the mid-term years of Metallica sounds but as the developing extremities thorugh real Death Metal growling voice takes control of your weak ears means that the solo fucking guitars and the effective progression comes and go reluctantly, entertaining for massive head-banger completed while blasting of this album can destroys the village right away as apocalypse plus armageddon themes wrote down and arranging pinned as well like grinder machine to flatten your world using In Depths, Those Alone, Every Sunset, Thousand of Mistakes and Paklydusi Vejyje that means becoming ashtray in the wind mixed with damaging demise tempos and harmonic choir ahead of Inferi record where confusing, original sins and more danger lurking from the dark pit of giant hands capturing sinners.


Fire Holy (Frontline Records 1987)

   Being formed by the terrible religious but awesome rockheads – Kevin Whisler, Les Carlsen, Michael Bloodgood, Oz Fox and Paul Jackson is this Christian Heavy Metal brotherhood of Bloodgood by the name; baptized from their lower places up northern of west coast afar on Seattle, WA and been influenced similarity to Barron Cross or Whitecross for example as old penetrations entering the simultaneously “free-thinking” eighties end would still led them writing better songs even most of them and the releasing record didn’t meet the public’s demand anymore although for secular metallers these rockers sounded worst because of their god-sided arming lyrics and positive thoughts only serving the higher purposes of heaven above got Detonation nothing but the screaming crazy tunes with double pedals fast left the interests for real extreme metal-heads liking Bloodgood but on the contrary, the realm of Christian loving rock listeners worshiping them as one of the underground relieve groups that fighting for the light bringer against evil of this world and sphinx pyramid symbolic rocking play the stone giant guitar and lava circling the castle of faith means equal and relates to the themed tracks written inside like anthemic to the young follower of Christ for not giving up and because they can have good harder music without blaspheming the creator of all creations over Vagrant People, Alone in Suicide, Eat The Flesh, Crucify, The Messiah and Heartbeat (Of The City) surrounding us with holy ghosts and freaking solos of the six-strings to choir tough and mid-standard Hard Rock plus Heavy Metal blessings by Christ himself loves you for choosing this. 


Swim Sink Or (Chemikal Underground 2004)

   Premonition on promoted greater independent new sounds collectively, creates by these Scottish Indie Pop of Motherwell, North Lanarkshire on the composition of vocalist/guitarist Alun Woodward, bass guitarist Stewart henderson, Paul Savage on drums and Emma Pollock for vocals/guitars meets the special extensive splitting tunes via simplicity versus melodies by force on Power-Pop slower bits and beats through the band’s latest recording release off Universal Radio given the audience a taste of hilly views and wet lands panorama of a smaller woody town cold-places with greener mossy and old displays of menus advantage brought there to front from The Delgados celebrating the end of day for better tomorrow or the fire-camps spotting doing the right visiting to the wilderness or rural area within the good Indie Rock themed tracks such as I Fought The Angels, Everybody Come Down, Get Action!, The City Consumes Us as well as Girls of Valour to Keep On Breathing which shares thus harmonic catchy vocals off the female domains and male respectable story telling towards the listeners that they’re not Spaniard people but sweeter group like minty candy leaves gave your mouth refreshment liking into great ideas and written materials to lovely collects.

Universal Audio:

Wisker Jackrollest (Inconsapevole Records 2017)

   Sixty recording songs by tracks compilations off the seminal underground scene of Alternative Rock local ala Italiano bands that variously mixtures their unique standard and millennial sounds ablaze for freedom of making music like the way they wanted to is here being successfully compiled by the label about humanity, relationship, love to other daily issues surrounding the problematic living of themselves and the related events happening fills in by those bands that you might never heard of their names ever as this V.A recording on We Love Livorno Vol. 7 giving the enormous such of show to lifting up spirits off the crowds covering mud people likely, love to having the bands variety playing in front of them on stage for original to covers, softer, smarter, mid-tempo and funky louder fast as the jumps means happiness and honesty lyrics shares the same feelings that thrown within tons of songs written by the groups over here – sending good vocals, melodic choruses, sing-along refrain if you knew italian make them grosser, bigger as ever dreaming altogether involving via the performance from The Chromosomes, Snaporaz, Virginiana Miller to The Zen Circus as well as the tunes of variety from Bab & Dany, El Gato Negro, All Alone, Paranoid, Ride To Nowhere, My Rowdy Hula Dancer, Times Are A-Changing like classics and more further “dicembre-relates” editions over Falca’s Samba Di Giovedi, Antonio Amendola singing Through My Thought, Missteryke’s Edi, Alessio Franchini e il Circolo dei Baccanali’s anthemic - Il Regalo, Camilla Furetta for Ninne Nonne, Ruiha and The Kelavra for Lullaby, distorted or calmer tunes presented and straight or ambiguous meaning being shared there for the concerto show-compilation has given you Cromosauri, Urban Vietcong, Wax Faces and even The Jackie-O’s Farm or Matteo Caldari and the rest of the community of Alt-Rock and Pop-empowered in the name of humanity relations and aspects to knowledge-able brought to the stereo as year’s end gifts from the south parts of Europe national interests fresh from the alleys and the streets in harmless but clever stand-out formations. 

V.A We Love Livorno:

Go Kittenz Back (Bandcamp 2017)

   Let your head’s banging harder and let their musical distorting sound blasting loud off your stereo system as Sapphic Musk crew of all-female rock-heads playing their self-written tracks in gorgeous punkish and mixture of best Hard Rock commercial meets undertone groundbreaking as the vocals screaming by the presence of lead singer Sara T Russell, bass player Christina Ylva Ownby keeping the rhythmic bursts fits for opening the drunken pool party but consciousness caught the controls of this band’s Alternative Rock plays with lead guitarist Mia Farraro doing her own riff-age to soloist melodic patent and potentially, inviting the libido to erupts while becoming the audience for the seven tracks displays there inside the album release while drummer bashing from Freddie McCullough with less comedy or pretension but Pagan/Viking-based beliefs tricks and background felt stronger with this darker-one.

   Lady Of The Twilight send thus messages of non-religious acts and seminal Iron Maiden meets Vixen thru Skid Row’s glamour taste materials similarity but originated as these Los Angeles girls run amok over Viking Luv or grooving the atmosphere heat as upper public not personal oepnign for Oh Sally wickedly, sensual to Lady Fingers that may squeezing your balls – dear listeners. Boys might feeling a little bit guilty low after seeing the facts that the women here aren’t weak but specials and besides playing their rocking hard performance; they’re also can bite hard or poisoning-scratch dangerously – for making you regret doing stupid things and talking shit around them !

Lady Of The Twilight: