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Zopiclone Cosby (Geriatric Records 2014)

   “We playing funerals …” must be a sign for you about how non-mainstream this Victoria, British Columbia group dealing themselves and their music louder without a pretension for making much money out of it and the proof is here open widely and honest towards thus bombs of Death Rock discordant of Garage Rock greasy noises and ugly trumpets via the releasing debut from Nearly Dead’s self-titled album.

A recaptured product instantly made for the voiceless stories of those humiliations of the elder people or sick persons whose forced to stay inside the asylum walls and forever being locked for the crimes they didn’t do to society and the rest of the experimental Prog-Metal history. 

   You may finding yourself peeing simultaneously and being rejected by your own family over there while Nearly Dead proclaims their twelve tracks of possible permanent events that usually happens to the patients such as being written through Cialis, Organs, Hey Nurse, Oxycodone, Picnic Shooting Suspect Arraigned on Murder Charge and Dementia Rage like leaving curves to the universe in solemn silence after the giant explosion of an atomic bomb destroying your city into ruins must be kind of feelings you’ll get while listening to this shit ! 

Nearly Dead: