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Zon Ontmoet Aarde (Hypnotic Dirge 2018)

   Auditory landscaping as interpretation compares of sounds meet dynamics broader perception captured within those eight ensemble in non-troubled boundaries via oom Ambient, pace Rock and Black Metal atmospheric in every textures musical limited project from our Dutch music performer as experimental as Franck Johansson firstly, giving out this Omgeving's Wijde Wijdte recording on crosses entire transformation to transports you based on the conjuring frequencies through inner and outer limits like thus nude female goddess spreading her legs for the front-side.

   Should be enough boring you out with no further vocalizations collaborate as hypnotizing crescendo shifting forms and subtle ambience taken as a drag movement from Distillator piercing sound walls but here finding the purposes on writing, recorded, mix and struck a vibrant glow tremolo sheen of chords and slower drums alongside the melodies echoed like a vista stars shimmer in melody filament open the minds to learning the old ways wiser and rooted principle of nature beliefs as expense physical went down barking through II – Zwaartekracht Bestaat Hier Niet, III – Daar Waar De Tijd Smelt or VI – Eenzaamheid in Extase proving the cause and effects from this poisoning album to na├»ve ears.

Wijde Wijdte: