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Yours Truly, Patient (Republic Records 2016)

   Rejected at the Emo-Metal band audition, moving from Syracuse (NY) to Grapevine (TX) and enjoying basketball as the son of Dallas Cowboys food/beverages director whose loving the guitar hero game series would be the portfolio short for Austin Richard Post continuing his interests on song-writing, singing, playing music and producing them as his personal hobbies turning to good collection of mix-tapes and all genres blend tunes giving this guy credits now as one of the excellent rapper in US naming as Post Malone. 

Putting more R n’B to Swing to Country and Pop into his Hip-Hop flavors – the releasing debut of thus record deals on Stoney means a lot to opportunity change spreading wider onto local radios and television media covering how the tracks from the white rapper can be sounded professional and good as this. 

   Go for it grab and hear the wiser words and relaxing beats completing on being lessons to learn by others from him via Déjà vu, Big Lie, Broken Whiskey Glass, I Fall Apart, Patient to Go Flex and when there’s No Option for one to choose a better records out there then, White Iverson had his choice ready to leads you the right way !