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Yaw Pointer Gregory (Not On Label 2014)

Dressing up neaty but still what are you going to say for the wolves wearing the yuppies clothes getting irritated on howls harder as general Noise-makers duo with simple sketching works and nine tracks available for any Garage Rock fans around; as the Derby – UK project blistering its gnaw jaw-clipping towards the motion emotive imagining tunes reactions forwarding the essential anti-commercial and social-values in low esteem projecting to the open doors as poor as mono sounds fighting the stereo system in order to wrote down back the thematic views from the crew writing lyrics and themes on the mission of Math Rock here for the record – Doing It Right and Doing It Well (sounded too proud and absurd). 

Means a lot of Sonic Youth-esque thing wasn’t as like it meant to be as giving birth one day to the world as this shouting and more bass-liner to groovy pranks and shreds distorts for the collision activated plan of independent rock to rise and shines as they’re wanted to become via Roll Into The Dancer, Sonny Mottram, You Want Something ?, Nine as well as Cut Loose and Then Some – teaching the audience about the truth and honesty reflecting on how violent won’t really solving problems but can makes you relieved after punching dick-people right on their face !

Doing It Right And Doing It Well: