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Wonderland/Heaven (Liberator Music/Goodbye 2018)

   Going to churches doesn’t always mean you going to feel kinda boring because once you try-out the new type of music in pronounce of Chvrches in stylized typo-thing as the Pop-Indie group off Scottish’s Glasgow area touching your inner-self within their good catchy Pop-Dance songs – one should love to proclaimed themselves as a new fan for new generation of this new millennium musical purposes – seeing brighter side of travelling the world globally and spreading more lyrical of romance to daily ideas to reality as introduced here from the band’s third record calls Love Is Dead but actually, survive and resurrects back in soft bounce to the public in sparkle lights. 

Not being possessive or depressive like the early New Order stuff; Chvurches meant real touching to their formats on entertaining the listeners or audience in such a better way possible through the written music or lyrics arrangements via the trio names: Iain Cook, Lauren Mayberry and Martin Doherty into smooth female catchy voice and great beats mixture based on Electronic Synth-Pop and indie sounds. 

   Go ahead catching Graffiti, Get Out, Deliverance, My Enemy, Forever, Never Say Die as well as Really Gone and Graves for Miracle to finding the God’s Plan works on your daily life by listening them on your stereo. 

Love Is Dead: