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Womb Of Cosmic Sinew (Kalpamantra 2017)

   Tom Necklen did the composition, singing bowls, didgeridoo, field recordings to spoken words and rain stick with Meghan Wood composites and adding her vocals and chants as awareness of Impermanence by essential doctrines of the three marks and asserting conditions as the dealt of existence uses your humanity potential urgency alerts and appreciation by senses to listening over thus Ambient closure of a must rituals based to Electronic darker sounds humming lower as the Auckland’s Sun Through Eyelids project gaves the audience an abnormal deeper visionary for time travelling passing through the different dimension and back to tell the contrary of past and the beyond time-walls that reflects your last position near the cabin by the woods and the surroundings so someone on the other dimensional realm can see or even touching them but paradox shall always be bordering both sides as millennial era comes with many doctrines but only the old ancient will be the one true reigning laws controlling the universe layers. 

   Dead trees or small hut might remains quiet until the resurrecting day fell on us again – cleansing the planet by instrumental ambience movement sounds brought by Visions of The initiate, Ascetic Imprint, Indigo Illness as well as Onward to Nowhere ripped the energy gate forever blocking the next figures to crossing reality and slowly died.