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Wisteria Pteridophyte (Flenser Records 2014)

   As melodic harsh to the non-popular (enough) to listen alike the hammered dulcimer thumping as Avant-Garde metallic session forming after the Post Black Metal nature worshiping truly something in tendency or stagnate in hailing for Botanist recording releases onto this one particular through VI: Flora led by Nathan Berlinguette-based might be adding as called as “Green Heavy Metal” progression lives within science, self-imposed, exiles and humanity far away told themes within Botanist works not just dedicated to the surrounding San Francisco but the worldwide crazed envisioning solace to self-eradication dreams for making the planet green again without mankind ego and reigning powers. 

   Divinity expressions enters to Verdant Realm punishing the crimes against nature’s finest plants to flowers to fantasy wonders and forestry-animals  and as rare as the rarest orchid of the mythical beliefs offers us the almost-instrumental screamo-dark tunes from first to lasts as Stargazer, Callistemon, Cinnamomum Parthenoxylon to Dianthus and Rhizophora and ability for more preserving of the greenish kingdom may killing you instead saving. No more kindness for humans because humans created to be unique, developed and greedy always ! 

VI Flora :