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Winner Dies (Not On Label 2013)

Band members consisting of Bing Garcia Morello, Greg Turner, Tommy Binks to Jonathan Wells plus bass/wisdom from Sam Jacobs, Matt Rhodes for a special guest vocalist as Sam Woodcock (bass/hairdo) or Vicky Wells on vocals completing these Rovrum’s gloomy Doomed Metal group as metal-gloom or thwarts persistence reaching over resignation then isolating before liberation not as a normal person. 

These Sheffield, UK team Hiram may causing you a anesthetic injections as the band’s server musical signatures for Heavy/Sludge/Prog-Rock and odd timing metallic mayhem on thus riff-age and grooves looking to the next life or the membrane dimension our existence that blurred like composed through – See The Thing Within The Thing that means they’re still searching in-between thus roaring distortions and aspiring hallucinating lyrics as such Conspiration in nine minutes and forty-eight seconds side-by-side with the three minutes and thirty-four seconds on Respiration (Within The Thing) or It Can’t Come Quick Enough as the groovy and the beats are recommended for those whom already into Southern Rock and extreme growler grinds.

See The Thing Within The Thing: