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Wildfire Shift (Self-Released 2017)

   Progressive Pop-melodies and Quebec’s Indie Folk-Blues Rock performance with Phil Matte, Mike Morris, Pascal Denis to Nathan Vanheuverzwijn and David St-Germain dressed up as ordinary musician on stage with not too much sensational things to offer except their good musical beliefs playing keyboards, guitars and rhythmic soft on bass/drums leads more energy than The Wallflowers did in their own times. 

   Province group local heroes releasing Casual Rites’ self-titled album purely, fills in some Indie Rock tunes to listening to for the ten tracks available within soft vocals and story- telling tunes begun which contains the realm Storm Chasers for about five minutes, Crucial Matter came for two more minutes after that as well as groovy rocks goes within Define, Resilience and Spaceship to Unsettled and Syncope that makes the touch towards six minutes and fifty seconds that given the audience a very reliable source onto listening for good music progress like the one being performs by these talented and high techniques in quality musicians for Casual Rites as the person found out the gap path to escaping wavy mountains not far in front of him standing. 

Casual Rites: