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Wearing Black Simd (Self-Released 2018)

   Mixing their roots of Heavy Blues with Rock N’ Roll since the early of this new millennium and fucking rocks too for the real rock-heads to have these band hailing from Vladikavkaz, Republic of North Ossetia – Alania (Russia) formerly, known as Dzioff Shock Therapy but shortened themselves onto just – Dzioff meaning catchy enough to describing the sound of music they’ve played or proclaims. 

Members of brothers Mikhail and Georgy “Gismo” Dzioff on guitars/vocals and bass/drums recalls their awesome tuning written tracks good for a calm shocker to those whom about to rocks fun way this time choose the recording great of Born In Ossetia bringing Southern Rock to Stoner Rock as well as Hard Rock music blasts out in semi-traditional and modern monumental songs of locals like Baegaenyjy Zaraeg, Kuyroy, Hosdzaeuty Zaraeg and Laegaw as wrapped all up by number nine song of the record A-Lol-Lay. 

   You can screaming yee-haaw and jumping crazy silly while listening as the group duo causing trouble in a small bar ends up a fight breaks for smiling drunk people to forgive themselves for not behaving well through the riding gang bikers journey across country to the moment and crashing anthems like the old wild wild east gone.

Born In Ossetia: