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We Do Evil (Conscious 2003)

Looking down to the pointing views mentor in his total political as rapper founder on independent local record labels in the middle of San Francisco Bay Area really spreading fear among thus conservative from Oscar Jerome Jackson, Jr providing his productive protests and shared information about the mass-hysteria issues on social-politics recording number five in catalogs for Sonic Jihad. 

The disturbing picture of a passenger plane heading to the white house like a new terror attack labeled parental advisory lean on thus crazy conspiracies theory onto Paris self-project through the excellent thrilling or anti-established government/senate shaken afraid towards soaring over themed tracks dangerous for the revolting anthems by Ave Bushani, Field Nigga Boogie, Sheep to The Slaughter, Tear Shit Up, Freedom, Lay Low as well as You Know My Name, Life Goes On, AWOL or Agents of Repression. 

Queuing on the certified sabotage missions and smart rhythmic to blow your mind’s off the grid, Mr. President ! 

Sonic Jihad: