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Wandering Hours (Gigantic Noise 2017)

   Riverless the record; lending us Arc, Dream Sequence, Gift Horse or Rain Shadow out of sight; structure lighted coming do not noticing the forms hidden by branches and warnings written from centuries ago flash back the clearing woods and carved path among the sulking tree-lines as ground upward to the arcs move together faces the leaves shudder away to the dark sounds begins the pass moments towards the shy creatures beaming changes through the thickets brush at the edge of the forest Canopy’s intuitive feelings leads wildly down the riverbed drowning like Perfect Water resonance the experience cascading massive just similar to how Pink Floyd used to paintings your listening room within Night Idea’s members performance via Carter Burton, Joey Anderson, Reid LaPierre and Ethan Johnstone plus the violin featured performance from Jessika Blanks and producer works off Bryan Walthall in expressions within experimental Art-Rock/Indie Prog/Math Rock and Pop Psychedelic results from these Richmond, Virginia band.